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Make your wedding ceremony truly special with my exquisite collection of personalised unity candles. Each set is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of your love and create lasting memories. With over a decade of experience in personalised candles, I, Sandra, take pride in offering you the finest selection of Wedding Unity Candles.

My Beautiful Unity Set Includes:

Personalisation: Make your unity candles truly unique by adding your names, wedding date, and location. I believe in the power of personalisation to create a meaningful connection and lasting impression.
20cm Main Pillar Candle: My elegant main pillar candle serves as the centerpiece of your unity ceremony. Its exquisite design and personalised details will symbolize the union of two individuals coming together as one through marriage.
2 Long Taper Candles: Each taper candle is carefully customized with the couple's names or surname, adding a touch of elegance to your wedding ceremony. These candles play a significant role in lighting the main pillar candle, symbolizing the joining of two souls.

At SP Gifts, I understand the significance of your wedding candles and their sentimental value for years to come. That's why I take pride in using high-quality laser inks and professional-grade printers to ensure vibrant colors and a visually stunning finish. My dedication to exceptional craftsmanship ensures that your personalised unity candles will be cherished mementos of your special day.

To further enhance your wedding experience, I also offer optional Memorial Candles. These candles provide a beautiful way to honor and remember loved ones who are no longer with us, adding an emotional touch to your ceremony.

Choose SP Gifts for personalised unity candles that go beyond expectations. Let me, Sandra, be a part of your cherished memories and create a lasting symbol of your

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