Looking for a fun, relaxed and personalised wedding ceremony? Well look no further!

I am an independent celebrant which is a wonderfully new and modern approach to your wedding ceremony. I have over 30 years experience in the wedding industry


Everybody attending your wedding knows both you and your personalities and that's what I like to bring into your ceremony... as I am not affiliated with any of the religious or HSE bodies I can create a completely unique ceremony for you both, with or without spiritual or religious elements, without restrictions of times or place and without scripted legal wording and because of that your ceremony becomes mere memorable because it's your wedding your way!

There are lots of rituals you can also include like

Sand Blending

Celtic Handfasting

Exchange of Roses

Unity Candles


Eternity Symbol Ritual

We can make them as fun and entertaining or as romantic and serious that you would like and if you have any quirky elements to add that won't be a problem

Family and/or children can easily be included in your ceremony to make it even more personal too.

At present Independent Celebrants don't have the ability to solemnize a you would need to book the legal part of the ceremony to be done separately at your local registry office with two witnesses beforehand....I have also found with my couples that this has help to alleviate the nerves on the day and allow the actual wedding day to be more about what's really important....your journey and your love story without legal wording and scripted vows. Also because I am an Independent Celebrant I can still continue to work through a lockdown situation even if the government offices are closed ensuring you can still go ahead with a ceremony on the day. There are also no restrictions on the venue of choice

I travel nationwide and abroad and speak almost fluent Spanish and am a special needs mum to 3 amazing children so can adapt if that applies to you

I also can supply a range of other services including

Full event planning

Makeup for bridal party (I am a professional Wedding Makeup Artist for over 30 years and can do both services on the day – discounts apply)

Hair for bridal party






Arranging venue

Let me know if you are interested in adding any other services to your package and I will organise a quote.

Have questions? Let’s organise a free 20 minute phone/zoom call to discuss all your options in detail

For more information see my website



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