If you’d like to preserve your wedding flowers after your big day, chat with us and let’s formulate a plan together.

We specialise in pressed and 3D bouquet preservation. We’ve a full gallery online for inspiration and are always transparent in our pricing, our price list is downloadable under ‘floral preservation’ at

Our most popular package is just €150.

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    • michelle
      July 20, 2022 at 5:23 pm

      I had been looking for a very specific gift for a very long time and went through a lot of dead ends and let downs over a long draiing time the year of the wedding before being absolutely blown away and thrilled with Emma’s kindness, creativity, hard work, caring, skill, ingenuity, compassion, consideration, respectable professionalism matched with friendly openness when I found her in a last ditch effort to get my special amd sepcialosed present made – the resin frame used for preserving flowers significant to the couple to display their wedding photo in.

      She was considerate and accomodating as much as possible. Excellent communication and honesty as any quality business should, and her work was done with care, skill and creativity after initially taking the time to really try understand and put together the product i had designed and had my heart set on for over a year.

      She listened to what i wanted told me what was possible what she could try make possible what the cost and time frame was and stuck to it with updates and open communication and collaboration throughout. Some things needed to be adapted as we went and she did so without a break in her stride.

      ( a good example of the kind of care and quality is one of the flowers included that i had given her i was sold under the impression they were real and dried flowers but she recongnised it was artificial and so would work in resin/ would not suit her standard of quality and she offered to use some of her own flowers instead that were real and dried to make sure it was up to the best standard.)
      The end result was the beautiful frame you can see in the pictures. My advice is to be as clear as you can about what you want so as to ensure whats most important to you is understood and incorporated and then to let Emma take the reigns in designing any other aspect of the product that’s not a hard line for you because her artistry and expression of your vision is an asset to your gift ! She added her artistic view to my design and no doubt improved the end gift from what i had pictured myself before her input.

      All the technical aspects for this review aside, i have to say i feel truly privileged to have been the first to have Emma create this specific form of a resin gift for me (as we came up with it specifically for my loved one’s gift) and it makes me happy to know that because if it now other people , brides grooms friends, will also share in the joy of this creation in the future with every new frame created by Resin D’etre.

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