How Is It Going :) I’m Andy
Thought I would add a little about me section… goes!!!

Cavan wedding photographer, Coffee obsessed (I say obsessed more of a necessity now ha) , Dad to our fur (not so little)baby Luna, Bearded man, Fuji-film in the bag, Weakness for jellies (I will steal from your candy cart), Lack of filter, Bake Off fan, Partner in crime to my amazing girlfriend Kerri, Sunsets over sunrises, Pineapple on pizza, Deserts over starters, Love some Brooklyn nine-nine, lazy Sundays, Disney’s The Lion King is the best movie ever, Cereal is better at night than the morning and Coca-Cola is better from a can.

I’m a big fecking softie really and I’m a sucker for a good love story!!! I also sing to Westlife at the top of my voice in the car. And from the first moment I picked up a camera all I wanted to do was to capture peoples happiest moments. I strive to be the best photographer I can be. But more importantly to give the best experience I can. I want you to look back on the images I provide and know that I told the truth. I captured your story the way it was meant to be told.

I became a photographer because I wanted to leave something of value behind in this world, I wanted to get old and know I gave people something to hold on to and pass down. When I worked in retail the hardest days were the ones after I shot a wedding, knowing I was returning to something that didn’t fill my cup. I knew this was what I was to do in life. My images are not for now or for instagram. They are for 20 years from now. When your kids ask what were you like or what was Grandad like or Aunty Jane etc hopefully my images can show them.

My mam said that even as a child I would just people watch non-stop. So I guess I was always destined to do something involving people and what better than wedding photography huh!!! I’m so grateful I get to call this my job!!! Forged in Love was literally forged from a love of photography, with the help of people I love, for couples who are in love and I’m so proud of what it’s becoming.

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