Hi I'm Declan from Declan Flynn Fitness. Congratulations on your engagement and starting your wedding planning.

I'm an online coach helping clients anywhere, feel more confident in their training and in themselves, while guiding them through the easy steps that are needed to get a better understanding on their nutritional requirements, to drop a dress size, or look sharp in that suit.

Training plans can be personalised for home workouts with minimal equipment or gym based routines.

Plans are delivered straight to your phone with my training app, in which you can also record and track your progress. Every exercise has an accompanying video to demonstrate how to perform the activities correctly.

A nutritional guide is provided, and as always no food is off the menu, no restrictions on your favourite foods. It's just making slight adjustments to your daily routine that aid in your progress and achieving that goal.

Slow and steady goals is best to give you time for habit forming and achieving results.  Wedding organising is stressful enough, I know ad I'm organising my own too 😀, so giving yourself extra time to achieve your goal would be great.

My goal is to work with couples 6 to 9 months out from their big day, that way you don't feel pressured to achieve your desired outcome in a restricted time frame and it also means there could be a possibility to exceed your intended goal too. 😀

I look forward to chatting with you and giving you assistance to achieving your fitness goals for your big day.


Yours in Fitness


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